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  • Thank you for choosing SOUP to sell pre-loved clothing for you, here is some important information you should know:

    • Garments will be marketed for a minimum period of 4 weeks. SOUP may reduce items after this period by 20%.
    • Dry cleaning or mending will be undertaken on your behalf if necessary. This cost will be passed on to you.
  • How does pricing work?

    It isn’t always possible to price items on the spot. Should you leave items to be priced, the prices will automatically be set by SOUP unless you state at the time of drop off that you would like prices discussed.

    How am I paid?

    Payment for sold items can be made via internet banking, cheque, or can be used as credit in-store. Please indicate how you would like to be paid. It is your responsibility to provide the correct account numbers to SOUP. Please keep in contact with SOUP regarding the status of your account.

  • Unsold items

    SOUP will contact you regarding items that need to be collected. This contact will be by the phone or e-mail contact details you provide when opting to recycle designer clothing with SOUP.

    Please note: should your items not be collected within two weeks of contact, SOUP will donate your items to charity (the charity of choice is Dress for Success).

    Damaged items

    SOUP does not take responsibility for damage or loss incurred during the sale process.